Francesca Poggi projects photo

“ The ultimate dream in life is to be able to do what you love and learn something from it.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt

bright lines project simply soup

Simply Soup Catering

Layout of the brochure

bright lines project virginie glardon

Simply Soup “Broth”

Layout of the brochure

bright lines project virginie glardon

Virginie G.

Covers and layouts for the books

bright lines project christmas cards-set

Bright Lines

Christmas cards-set layout and design 

bright lines project assem klammsteiner cookbook

Cookbook Series

Layout of Assem Klammsteiner's edition

Working with Bright Lines is always a smooth and enjoyable experience. They come to each project with a positive attitude and deliver a great result.

Costanza Mondini, CoCouture Milano

bright lines project irina horwarth souldance journey flyers

Irina Horwath

“Souldance Journey” flyers design

bright lines project cocuture milano layout

CoCouture Milano

Coordinate image adaptation and layout of the lookbooks

bright lines project francesca poggi master's degree thesis

WebTv University

Master's degree thesis design

bright lines project conai postgraduate thesis

Case history: Conai

Postgraudate studies thesis layout